Cuss Words !

by Bjorge

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released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Bjorge Spartanburg, South Carolina

Oh hello there.

Oona Bjorge MacDougall

Instagram: @bigfootbjorge

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Track Name: Bad At Realizing
I think I might be
Bad at realizing
That time exists
In immeasurable increments
Outside of words

Try to measure worth
In finite accomplishments
Just to start new again
Begin, end
Begin, end
In tune with circadian rhythm

It’s all arbitrary

Surely, you realize

You don’t have to run away
You can be happy here

You don’t have to run.
Track Name: Tear Me Down
Oh, tear me down
When did I build myself up so high
That I couldn’t recognize

Oh, tear me down
Inch by inch
Force me to reconstruct
Around the absence
Of ego

I, me.
Hold it in my mouth
Until it feels stale

I, me.
I was born worthy
But keeping worth is not guaranteed

I, me.
Old cobwebs hanging
Dust thick,
Gives me trouble breathing
Track Name: Urgent
If you cling onto a dream
Hard enough
It can look an awful lot
Like obsession on a want
Instead of focusing on
What you need

If you put enough weight in an idea
That’s out of your reach
It can feel an awful lot like
You’ll never be happy.

I’m frightened sometimes
Of how urgent it feels to write.

I’m frightened sometimes
That I blame myself in relationships too little.

I’ve been standing on a pedestal this whole time

And here I was.
Just thinking I was tall.

Just thinking I was tall.
Track Name: Naive Woman (feat. Aniston Hoffman)
Is it possible
To love a path
And not have it
Consume you

What do you have
To temper it with
Maybe I want to be consumed
But the wrong thing is doing it.
I don’t have
A lot of answers

As a matter of fact,
I’m not sure I’ve ever been right in my entire life.
Track Name: No Sepukku
It feels nice
To let go
And think of all the things
I might do
Now that I’m
Not planning on committing seppuku
If I’m not commercially profitable

You’re full of catch-22’s,
You know that?
You obviously don’t know that do you.

Do you realize
That you might have a
Fighting chance now
At becoming a person you could love,
Wholly, unconditionally.

I find that very difficult.

Track Name: Same Plane
Running out of pages
But I’d assume I could double the output of what I could make
If I just used the back sides of pages
Emblematic of the space
In my brain
There’s always space to be made
Or you need to reevaluate

Scratch that.
You always need to reevaluate.
Find the clutter in the space most sacred.

Find the clutter in the space most sacred
To the idea of individual existence.
It’s all sacred on an even plane
We just have subjective access.
Track Name: Died Among Strangers !
Let me keep unlearning
I like the feeling
Oh, knock it down.

The barriers
From my mind,
Oh, from my mind.

I don’t
Want to think
I can’t be happy

The emptiness
Has lost its appeal
I’m tired
Of it all.

Bring me home
To an open yard
A house with big windows
No curtains

And I’ll walk around
Bare as I came
A mind content
With just good